You Can Look But You Can’t Touch, I Don’t Think I Like You Much

Published August 26, 2010 by Bellatrixa

I feel like having a moan today (and not the sexual sort) as I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a rather grumpy bitch of late. I guess I’ve had more than my fair share of reasons to be so but here’s a short run down of things that are annoying me at the moment:

– People who seem to think I work in places when I don’t
Prime example of this today at the library. A guy sits next to me, sees I’m busy typing something (ok, so I was only chatting with someone on Facebook at the time but I COULD have been doing something important!) and then proceeds to ask “Excuse me but could you show me how to use the computer?” Well you know what? I could… But I don’t want to, nor am I paid to do so but the staff who are sitting at the desk behind you ARE. It’s not the first time it’s happened. I’ve had similar things happen in Game (well I did USED to work there…), Silverscreen (I was working for another store at the time…), Waterstones (again, past job…) and HMV (I’ve worked in entertainment retail so I guess that explains that one). Strangest one was in a branch of Carphone Warehouse. Strange because I don’t know that much about phones and I believe at the time I was talking about laptops.

– People who spam their Facebook news feeds with crap
I really don’t care what’s happening on your virtual farm. Your virtual cafe could burn down for all I care and no, I won’t work in your fucking hotel even if you paid me actual money. Besides all the apps, you then have people who find it amusing to update their status every five seconds about what number cup of tea they’re on, asking what colour they should paint their nails today and the all to common phrase “I’m bored”. Guess what? No one really cares. If you want to talk about pointless garbage that has no purpose, get a blog and contain it all to there. Or, use that “Note” function on Facebook. The other main bugbear of mine is people who make multiple wall posts on the same person’s wall. There’s a comment feature for having conversations. Making more than one wall post merely clogs up other people’s news feeds who might not want to see your gibberish or flirting. Hi, that’s where the message function comes in which you can send to more than one person! Yes, I know there’s the “delete” button, but my phone doesn’t let me delete posts from my news feed and Facebook only seems to want me to mark all the person’s messages as spam or delete them as a friend. Seems a bit extreme after one day of it (which admittedly was REALLY fucking annoying when I wanted to see what was going on with other people and having to wade through 5 pages on my phone of wall posts from an individual) but it’s something I’ll bear in mind if it continues.

– The Jobcentre
For the past 6 weeks they have lost every single postal decleration that I’ve sent them. This has resulted in me being royally shafted for money on several occasions. I started phoning them Tuesday morning (the day I should have been paid), called all through Tuesday and Wednesday to be told that I would receive the money on Friday which is a full 3 days after when I should have received it because of THEIR mistake. Once was bad enough, twice was taking the piss. This being the third time, I was pretty much incandescent with rage on the phone which I made sure I told the people I was speaking to that it was nothing to do with them, simply me being angry and frustrated at the people who aren’t on the phones but meant to be dealing with people’s claims but blatently aren’t. Do you people not understand that I WANT to work? I don’t LIKE claiming benefits, I want a full time job again. I’m not prepared to take on 4 different jobs a week of 8 hour shifts in order to get the hours that I need though. I’ve told you the career path I want to take, surely you should be helping me get there? Also, TNG are a useless waste of space. I’ve just done a 12 week course to improve jobseeking skills as well as personal deevlopment. Why the hell do I need to do more? It’s not going to change anything. I like my CV the way it is now, thank you please. Go ahead and say that my attitude won’t get me a job. I don’t see the point of constantly changing my CV when the basic information is staying the same. What are you going to do? Hold a gun to an employer’s head and tell them to take me on? Feel free to do so as it’d be miles better than having to deal with you twats.

– People in Public
Including but not limited to:
– Kids that scream on buses
– Kids that scream in the street
– Kids that scream in shops
– Kids that scream in the Post Office
– Parents that do jack shit about the above 4 points
– Parents that allow their kids to disrupt other people (like the ones that run into my fags, kick the back of my seat on the bus, climb over me while I’m sat waiting for something, throw their toys into the road hitting cars… the list goes on)
– People that sit too close to me on the bus. You know, their legs touch yours and it’s just… ew. It makes me cringe and want to climb out of the window.
– People that don’t believe that a young person can be disabled. Yeah, I’ve seen the looks they give me when I sit at the front of the bus. I don’t care; I have a bad back and dodgy knees. Age does not dictate physical disability.
– People who have no manners. I held the door of Chapelfield Mall open today as I have manners and went to let someone through before I walked through myself. You know, because I was brought up to be polite and courteous etc. I waited for 12, yes TWELVE people to walk through before I could get through the door. Again, not the first time it’s happened but I’m sick of it. Thing is, I can’t stop myself being polite. It’s automatic. I simply can’t just slam the door in someone’s face or not let them through before myself. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work.

I’m going to stop there lest the swear filter at the Forum has another fit at me ¬_¬


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