Fuck You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

Published December 6, 2012 by Bellatrixa

So I was reading an article on League of Legends (LoL) and how it’s rumoured to now be more popular than World of Warcraft (WoW). The online count and player base are now higher, but there’s the obvious facts that 1. WoW requires a monthly subscription, 2. WoW is now 7 years old to LoL’s 3 years, and 3. LoL is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and WoW is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG); two very different genres.

A lot of people I know are aware that I’m not too keen on either game; I dislike Blizzard as a company and the monthly subscription model and most people I’ve come into contact with who play LoL change as people after playing the game; they become a lot more confrontational and generally douchey. The attitude of LoL players isn’t unique to the game though; I have many memories of arrogant PvPers from Guild Wars too, something which severely held that aspect of the game back in later years as the PvP player base dwindled as people moved on to other games.

Online gaming can be a very daunting for a newbies. I’m of course not talking about Farmville and its clones, but what I consider to be ‘proper’ online games where you interact with large groups of players. While there are a lot of adults such as myself who grew up with games and still play them, gaming is still viewed, somewhat unfairly, as a child’s pastime. Personally speaking, I see no difference between watching a film and playing some Halo for 3 hours. If anything, I’m more likely to be immersed in a game than I am a film due to the level of interaction and how players are more in control of the story development, even in games with a linear story.

Poor sportsmanship is something that’s too common today in online gaming, whether it’s PvP, PvE or co-operative play. There’s a long history of it and over time it’s gotten worse. One famous example is:

While Leeroy was amusing as hell with what he did and said, it was one of those moments when someone decides to be an epic douche for whatever reason and end up spoiling the game for others. I still laugh at the video though and it’s certainly a world apart from the abuse that some people dish out daily in online games.

When I first started online gaming in 2007, I was very reluctant to party and compete with others. There was the worry that I would either let my team down or not be good enough. I know this is something that a lot of people still concern themselves with and generally speaking, the more established the game, the less they’re going to feel comfortable with playing with others. The worry is always there that you’re going to be cussed out for being called a noob and receive abuse. I actually got into PvP in Guild Wars whilst in a PvE guild. There were a few people who had PvP experience who wanted to mess around with the daily quests and earn rewards who didn’t mind taking less experienced players under their wing. Being a relatively quick learner in PvE roles, I decided that I could apply the same to PvP and would feel more comfortable doing so alongside people who I knew who were patient. The first thing I learned is that everyone makes mistakes, even the ‘pros’. I would often observe PvP matches too, to develop my playing as well.

I mentioned before LoL’s poor sportsmanship and I have heard the LoL community blasted a lot by players and critics alike so seeing a professional player was permanently banned for poor sportsmanship was incredibly positive. I’ve thought for some time that the standard of behaviour in online gaming has fallen dramatically over the years. Yes, there were always people who were absolute wankers to others, but now it seems as if every single damn person in competitive online gaming is suffering from the same problem. I’m well aware there are many children and teenagers playing online who think they can get away with terrible attitudes online. I’ve also met plenty of adults who are the same, sadly. Of course, it doesn’t just apply to gaming but the internet in general; gaming is just the one area where it’s really apparent. Seeing Riot take action against a professional level gamer sends a very positive message to the gaming community as a whole, especially with LoL’s recent spurt in popularity and the poor reputation of its player base. I was banned myself for 72 hours on Guild Wars for being abusive to another player in PvP. There’s generally trash talk involved to some degree in PvP as it is and I admit that day I was goaded into it and crossed a line along with another guild member. The person who reported us was heavily disliked in our alliance and had a serious grudge against us involving stuff that had gone on before I even joined the guild. Seeing our tags that day and us kicking her ass, well… I didn’t quibble with the decision and sat my 72 hours out doing other things. I was pretty ashamed of myself that I had risen to the bait. I made sure after that ban that I watched what I said, even when I had rank 10+ players baiting my entire team. It’s not worth getting banned because someone else is being a douche.

From what I could understand of IWillDominate’s actions, he was someone who had routinely flamed and bashed other players, thinking that because he was a professional level player that the rules didn’t apply to him and he could get away with his behaviour. The really interesting part is some of the reactions to his ban where other professional players think he shouldn’t have been punished because he had earned the right to do as he likes. Sadly this attitude of “I do what I want” is prevalent throughout online gaming. A lot of people enjoy the anonymity that comes with being behind a computer screen. The thing is, actions have consequences, even online and few people seem to be able to grasp this. The sad fact is, it’s not just the children. Adults who should know better and be aware of repercussions following their actions also show this behaviour, possibly forgetting that if they displayed the same attitude, it would cost them their job. As IWillDominate was a professional gamer, that’s essentially what has happened with his ban and Riot were well within their rights to take said action.

One comment on “Fuck You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

  • Here here. The sense of entitlement is very annoying people have it annoying. The companies that start and run these online worlds need to stop being so passive about people breaking their terms.

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