Published January 20, 2013 by Bellatrixa

Been a bit busy lately so not had time to post myself, however I shall share this as it’s a sad but interesting read.

the void

atos-killsAnother minor storm blew up on twitter last night after Guardian journalist Zoe Williams led a furious hate mob (*innocent face*) against Independent columnist Philip Hensher.

Obscure novelist Hensher recently wrote a piece which trotted out every lazy stereotype in the book  about sick and disabled claimants, which led to the angry response on twitter.

In a piece entitled “Some people on disability benefits are fit to work” he feigns sympathy for the more extreme examples of Atos abuse.  He then goes on to display all the usual lazy prejudices about people with mental health conditions along with breath-taking ignorance of the very benefits system he’s writing about.

Shrugging off anxiety as a condition completely, he makes the claim that depression usually only lasts a few weeks.  His grotesque assumptions lead him to speculate that someone who can ride a bike is probably ‘fit for work’.

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